CollectionGeorge IV bills
Record TypeFinancial records
TitleGeorge IV's Privy Purse accounts for debts etc.
DescriptionGEO/MAIN/32317-32318: Sums received by George, Prince Regent from the public since 1795, 27 December 1810-9 February 1811, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32319: 'Statement of the income and expenditure of His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence', [c.1810], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32320: Warrant for £3,366 to be paid to William Adam for special service, 1810, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32321: 'Amount and application of the income settled by parliament on His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales', 10 January 1810, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32322-32323: Officers on George, Prince of Wales' establishment in 1786 and in 1811, [1811], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32324: Officers on the establishment of Frederick, Prince of Wales in 1749 compared with officers in George, Prince of Wales' establishment in 1811, 9 February 1811, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32325-32327: Statement of George, Prince of Wales' claims on the public on account of the revenues of the Duchy of Cornwall during his minority, February 1811, 2 documents.
GEO/MAIN/32328: Letter from R. Gray to William Adam [with enclosure GEO/MAIN/32329], Duchy of Cornwall, Somerset Place, 29 November 1811, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32329: View of debt stated in November 1811 [enclosure of GEO/MAIN/32328], 29 November 1811, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32330: Letter from William Adam to R. Gray, Bloomsbury Square, 29 November 1811, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32331: Sundry notes regarding finances, [?November 1811], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32332-32335: Outline of a plan drawn up from George, Prince Regent's loose notes and suggestions prior to the receipt of Spencer Perceval's paper, [c.November 1811], 1 document.
Extent13 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers
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