CollectionGeorge IV Calendar as Prince, Regent and King
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleDraft letter from Mr Erskine to the Lord Chancellor [Eldon]
Date[2-3 June 1804]
WriterErskine, Thomas
AddresseeEldon, 1st Earl of
DescriptionExplaining the uneasiness the Prince of Wales feels at not having received any account of the state of [George III's] health in the last two days which from a previous conversation with the Lord Chancellor he had been led to expect. Expressing concern that Dr Simmonds and others attend the King despite the fact that His Majesty has long been said to be well and is continuing to execute royal functions, and enquiring as a son and a subject why and by what authority the King is kept under any restraint; as the first minister of the Crown, the Prince believes the Lord Chancellor should address these enquiries. Although the Prince had previously been satisfied with private information in the hope that the King would soon recover, he is concerned that the present system is 'so unconstitutional a system seemingly establishing as that of a King performing the Royal Functions being kept under the Eye of Persons whose Presence cannot leave Him the free use of His Will & Pleasure.' Therefore the Prince wishes a full statement to be made by those who have attended the King for these last 4 months and requiring the Physicians to state their opinion in writing wether they deem any sort of restraint on the King's liberty to be necessary or advisable. If no longer required, then the Physicians can be dismissed but if further attendance is deemed necessary then the reasons for this should be examined by the Privy Council. That the Prince is in a delicate situation but is anxious to obtain 'a perfect and lasting Cure' and therefore believes that this is the best manner of proceeding. It is imperative for the Prince to receive proceedings to date and that he cannot consent to the continued restraint of the King.
Extent2 documents (3 pages)
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers; mounted
Related MaterialGEO/MAIN/40180-40181 for a further draft
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CreditPublished with the kind permission of Malcolm Erskine, the Earl of Buchan
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