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Title"Minute of Valuations at Frogmore, & other arrangements, directed by Her late Majesty's Executors"
DescriptionThis document provides a broad sum for each category (furniture, china, plate, pictures) rather than a valuation of specific items as the intention appears to have been to divide Queen Charlotte's possessions into four lots of equal value with a view to executing the provisions of Queen Charlotte's will.

The following passage is considered to be of particular importance and has been quoted in full (f 36824):
'The Executors have been engaged with the Assistance of Mrs & Miss Beckedorff in examining & clearing Her Majesty's Presses, Bureaux &c of all Letters, and Papers; of all Trinkets, Articles of Jewellery and other Effects; - of the Papers, all that were immaterial have been destroyed including /with Their Royal Highness's Permission/ the Letters from The Princesses, excepting those from the Hereditary Princess of Hombourg, which are reserved for Her Royal Highness's Pleasure. Those from The Prince Regent, collected and put by for Delivery to His Royal Highness. Her Majesty's Correspondence and Papers, which appeared material, have been selected and reserved for further Consideration & Disposal, and will be arranged and classed as soon as possible.

The Presses and Writing Tables at Frogmore, have been examined, & contain no Papers of any Importance'

A note in the margin further states: 'Mrs Beckedorff has reserved for special Distribution, a few Articles, which altho' not of much intrinsic Value, are very interesting, as having been more particularly used by Her late Majesty' (f 36824)
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