Frequently asked questions

How quickly will new collections be added to Georgian Papers Online?
New collections will be added to the catalogue on a regular basis as the cataloguing and digitisation work moves forward. Please see the What's New and Featured Collections sections for new additions to the catalogue.

Can I visit the Royal Archives to see original documents featured in the catalogue?
The purpose of digitising the Georgian papers is to improve access and to ensure the long-term preservation of these documents. Therefore we would not generally produce original documents for research, once they have been digitised and made available online. If you have any specific queries or requests, please contact the Royal Archives at [email protected]

Can I visit the Royal Archives and Royal Library to see documents not yet included in Georgian Papers Online?
Please contact the Royal Archives at [email protected] with details of your research and the documents you would like to see.

Why are there no document images attached to certain catalogue records?
A small number of records in Georgian Papers Online have no document images due to copyright restrictions or conservation issues. We are endeavouring to obtain copyright clearance and conserve documents for digitisation wherever possible and we will publish these documents as soon as we are able.

What does the ‘Level’ field mean in the catalogue record?
Archive collections are catalogued at varying levels, which together are represented in the hierarchy, or archival tree. Descriptions of a collection as a whole and its major parts are noted as 'Collection' level. Descriptions of larger groups of records with something in common are called 'Series', 'Sub-Series' etc. Physical sets of records are often found in folders, albums or files and are known as 'File' levels. The lowest level used in cataloguing is the individual 'Item', which is generally used for a letter and other documents.

How do I cite the Georgian Papers in my work?
The references of documents from the Royal Archives are typically in the form GEO/MAIN/ or GEO/ADD and should be cited as in the following examples:

  • RA GEO/MAIN/36792 Queen Charlotte to the Prince Regent, 28 July 1816
  • RA GEO/ADD/32/2453 Essay on the geography of Hungary [1746-1805]

References of items from the Royal Library are preceded with 'RCIN' and should be referenced as in the following example:

RCIN 1028949 A Catalogue of His Majesty's Library at Windsor, 1780

References in the form GIII_ESSAYS/1/1/1, for example, are artificial references that enable the representation of the collection hierarchy. These types of references are displayed at levels in the collection (Collection, Series etc.) at which no documents are attached, and therefore no RA or RCIN references are displayed. As a general rule, these artificial references should not be used to cite material found in Georgian Papers Online.

Please see the Copyright and Citation section for further information.

How do I obtain permission to publish quotations or images Georgian Papers Online?
Please see the Copyright and Citation section for more information about reproduction and use of documents from the Georgian Papers.

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