CollectionAdditional papers concerning George I, George II, and others
TitleLetter from George II to Frederick, Prince of Wales
Date[September 1737]
WriterGeorge II, King
AddresseeFrederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751)
DescriptionConcerning the pregnancy of his wife, the subsequent birth of his daughter Augusta, and the conduct of the Prince of Wales: 'This extravagant, and undutiful Behaviour in so essential a Point, as the Birth of an Heir to My Crown, is such an Evidence of Your premeditated Defiance of Me, and Such a Contempt of my Authority, and of the natural Right, belonging to Your Parents, as cannot be excused by the pretended Innocence of Your Intentions, nor palliated, or disguised by specious Words only. But the whole Tenour of Your Conduct, for a considerable Time has been so intirely void of all real Duty to Me, that I have long had Reason to be highly offended with You. And, untill You withdraw Your Regard, and Confidence, from Those, by Whose Instigation and Advice, You are directed and encouraged, in Your unwarrrantable Behaviour to Me, and to The Queen; and untill You return to Your Duty, You shall not reside in My Palace; which I will not suffer to be made the Resort of them, who, under the Appearance of an attachment to You, forment the Division, which You have have made in My Family'
With eighteenth century copy (GEO/ADD/1/55a). Note on reverse: 'Message to P. of Wales from George 2d delivered by the D. of Grafton (Chambr.) D. of Richmond (Master of the Horse) & Ld Pembroke (Groom of the Stole)
NotesDonated 1994
Extent2 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers
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