CollectionAsian State Letters
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from the Nawab of the Carnatic [?Azim al-Dawlah, Nawab Walajah III] to George, the Prince Regent (with translation).
Date19 September 1814
Writer[?Azim al-Dawlah, Nawab Walajah III] Nawab of the Carnatic
AddresseeGeorge, Prince Regent
DescriptionSending congratulations on recent military successes. Praises General Abercromby, and refers to seeing Lord Moira on his way to Bengal. Hopes for a reply to this letter.

Dated 4th 'Showall' [Shawwal] 1229.
Place Of WritingChepauck House
Extent4 documents
Physical DescriptionIlluminated manuscript paper, gold-flecked paper envelope, manuscript paper
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