CollectionClayton Papers
ReferenceGEO/ADD/28/108; GEO/ADD/28/049
TitleLetter [in French] from the Princess of Wales to Mrs. Clayton [GEO/ADD/28/108], reporting that the Prince [of Wales, presumably] has heard that if the Bill passes the lower house 'they will attack him, & perhaps soe [sic] far as to exclude him the crown', remarking on the composition of the House of Lords and on Thomas Broderick's opinion that there are some in the lower house who are 'not Walpolists', asking Mrs Clayton to send Dr Clarke, and reporting that the 'head dress' Mrs Clayton has asked for will be sent to her via Geminghen and the nurse; with transcription in French and English translation [GEO/ADD/28/049].
Daten.d. [a later pencil note suggests 1719]
WriterCaroline, Princess of Wales (1683-1737)
AddresseeClayton, Charlotte, Mrs William
DescriptionThe Princess emphasises that the information about the Bill is strictly for Mrs Clayton, Mr Clayton and 'the honest man' (identified in a note as being Sir Joseph Jekyll), as 'the life of the person depends upon it'. She also notes that their 'good freind' [unidentified] 'will consider that Oxfords 12 Lords are nothing in comparison of 32 lords made by an Act & perhaps for the destruction of every thing [sic]'. She wishes to see Dr Clarke 'as I would releive [sic] my self [sic] with him from the perplexity in which I am, & the fatigue I have had in speaking to soe [sic] many persons'.
NotesThe original letter is GEO/ADD/28/108. The French transcription and English translation are on two halves of GEO/ADD/28/049. Both documents bear the circled number '37', which shows the order in which the original letter was bound.
The proposed date presumably relates to the subject matter of the letter.
LanguageFrench; English
Extent2 documents (5 pages: 3 for GEO/ADD/28/108 and 2 for GEO/ADD/28/049)
Physical Description2 loose manuscript papers; mounted
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