CollectionClayton Papers
ReferenceGEO/ADD/28/090; GEO/ADD/28/052
TitleLetter [in French] from the Princess of Wales to Mrs. Clayton [GEO/ADD/28/090], reporting Lord Cooper's and an unnamed other's opinions of the detrimental effect that the passage of the 'ugly bill' would have on Scottish lords' property, the title of King of Scotland and the Union, and the position of the Lower House with respect to the Lords, commenting that she hopes to see Mrs Clayton's necklace tomorrow, and asking her to speak to Sir Joseph [Jekyll, presumably]; with transcription in French and English translation [GEO/ADD/28/052].
Date1 March [a later pencil note suggests 1719]
WriterCaroline, Princess of Wales (1683-1737)
AddresseeClayton, Charlotte, Mrs William
DescriptionThe Princess also expresses her amusement that Mrs Clayton has had difficulty reading one of her letters: 'the Prince said to me, You write like a cat, & then would have poor Mrs Clayton conjure'. She also apologises that Mrs Clayton will think her 'a little wild, but when I speak to You by letter all my spirits assemble'.
NotesThe original letter is GEO/ADD/28/090. The French transcription and English translation are on two halves of GEO/ADD/28/052. Both documents bear the circled number '19', which shows the order in which the original letter was bound.
The proposed year date presumably relates to the subject matter of the letter. It is presumed that 'Sir Joseph' refers to Sir Joseph Jekyll for the same reason (i.e. the subject matter of the letter), and because of the previous letters in which he is mentioned.
LanguageFrench; English
Extent2 documents (5 pages, 3 for GEO/ADD/28/090 and 2 for GEO/ADD/28/052)
Physical Description2 loose manuscript papers; mounted
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