CollectionClayton Papers
ReferenceGEO/ADD/28/096; GEO/ADD/28/055
TitleLetter [in French] from the Princess of Wales to Mrs. Clayton [GEO/ADD/28/096], conveying the thanks of the Prince [of Wales, presumably] to Mr Clayton for paying the debts and expressing her own thanks to and praise of Mr Clayton, sending thanks for a letter from Mrs Clayton and agreeing to desist in calling her 'Madam'; with transcription in French and English translation [GEO/ADD/28/055].
Date1 December [a later pencil note has added '1719']
WriterCaroline, Princess of Wales (1683-1737)
AddresseeClayton, Charlotte, Mrs William
Description'You can easily judge... what I feel upon this head, both as the wife & the mother of the persons who will reap the fruit... I can't help being a little afraid as to Mr Clayton's modesty who has not appear'd in this affair, & after soe [sic] much fatigue, despis'd the laurel.'
NotesThe original letter is GEO/ADD/28/096. The French transcription and English translation are on two halves of GEO/ADD/28/055. Both documents bear the circled number '25', which shows the order in which the original letter was bound.
The proposed year date is presumably suggested because of the subject matter of the letter.
Mrs Clayton has added two notes. The first records that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Aislabie, 'had the opening of the scheme for paying the debts by the sinking fund', though the scheme itself was 'form'd' by Mr Clayton. The second note is in connection with the Princess's comments re the word 'Madam', explaining that in one of her letters, the Princess had used this word to Mrs Clayton.
LanguageFrench; English
Extent2 documents (5 pages, 2 for each letter and 1 for the address label)
Physical Description3 loose manuscript papers; mounted; with address 'label' attached to the mount of GEO/ADD/28/096
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