CollectionClayton Papers
ReferenceGEO/ADD/28/128; GEO/ADD/28/007
TitleLetter [in French] from the Princess of Wales to Mrs. Clayton [GEO/ADD/28/128] returning two letters, reporting that she has directed that 'the order of your freind' [presumably Dr Freind] regarding Princess Amelia's treatment is to be followed and that, on account of her age, Princess Amelia has been consulted on these matters, and commenting on her own health; with transcription in French and English translation [GEO/ADD/28/007].
Daten.d. [a later pencil note suggests 1726 or 1727]
WriterCaroline, Princess of Wales (1683-1737)
AddresseeClayton, Charlotte, Mrs William
DescriptionThe medical treatment prescribed for Princess Amelia is an infusion twice a day. The Princess of Wales finds the doctor's reasoning just 'as to the humour of her [Princess Amelia's] ear', and feels the Princess should be consulted as 'she is in her 16 year'.
The Princess of Wales has a sore throat and has had a slight fever and cold; she will cure these by not eating, and by 'the remedy of your freind [sic], whom I take for the greatest physician of our time'.
NotesThe original letter is GEO/ADD/28/128. The French transcription and English translation are on two halves of GEO/ADD/28/007. Both documents bear the circled number '57', which shows the order in which the original letter was bound.
The suggested pencil dating is based on the reference to Princess Amelia being in her 16th year.
LanguageFrench; English
Extent2 documents (2 pages)
Physical Description2 loose manuscript papers; mounted
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