CollectionDe Budé Papers
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from Frederick, Duke of York, to General Jacob de Budé thanking him for a book, reporting on his visit to Prince Edward at Lüneburg and on the progress of his new house at Hanover, ordering silverware, praising Pitt and sending a message for General Grenville.
Date25 March 1786
WriterYork and Albany, Frederick, Duke of
AddresseeBudé, Jacob de, General
DescriptionThe Duke thanks Budé for sending General Lloyd's book. He reports that he found Prince Edward much grown and well, apart from money problems. He thinks it essential that the Prince leave Lüneburg or he will never learn any manners. He has written to the King suggesting that his younger brothers be sent to Göttingen rather than Lüneburg; Malortie will never agree to to look after them otherwise. He is very pleased with the portraits the King has sent him of himself and the Queen, which will adorn his new house, now almost finished. He asks Budé to send him a fashionable silver tea urn and a tea kettle. He is angry at the refusal of the House of Commons to accept the proposed fortifications, but is glad that this has not endangered Pitt, to whom he is very attached although he has never met him. He hopes General Grenville will inherit something from Lord John Murray, but thinks he will scruple to accept a regiment of Highlanders for fear of catching cold from wearing no trousers. He is sorry to lose Abercromby who is returning to London; he has given him two watches which he asks Budé to have repaired.
Extent1 document
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers; mounted
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CreditPublished with the kind permission of Mrs A.M. Brown
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