CollectionDe Budé Papers
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from Rear-Adm. Sir Samuel Hood to General Jacob de Budé, reporting the loss of a captured French ship by fire and the consequent death of British officers and sailors, again lamenting Adm. Sir George Rodney's lack of action and the consequences thereof as regards the major participants in the conflict, enclosing intelligence from a French seaman (0693) and an account of the combined forces (presumably 0695?) and remarking on the respective states of the British and French fleets, and losses of personnel on the French ships.
Date12-20 May 1782
WriterHood, Samuel, Rear-Admiral Sir
AddresseeBudé, Jacob de, General
Description'Oh my dear General, had Sir George done, what he might [underlined] and ought [underlined], we should all have been quiet by our firesides at home in the course of another year; How [sic] he can stand the reproaches of his own mind, if he has any feelings at all, for doing so little [underlined], when a great deal of honor [underlined] [sic] & advantage [underlined] might so easily have been gathered for his Country almost a Bankrupt in both, I cannot reconcile! The French would never have rose again this war, America would have shaken off its connection with them; Spain would have seen her error and have withdrawn herself from the war, and England [underlined] would have been the Admiration and Envy of every court in Europe.'
Extent1 document
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers; mounted
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