CollectionCorrespondence of Foreign Royal Families
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from Augusta, Duchess of Brunswick, to George III reporting that the King and the Prince of Prussia will seek to marry the latter's son [Prince Frederick William] to one of King George's daughters, and speculates on what will happen in Prussia when the King dies.
Date14 March 1783
WriterBrunswick, Augusta, Duchess of (1737-1813)
AddresseeGeorge III, King
DescriptionThe Duchess predicts that the Prince of Prussia will die before the King [Frederick II] because of his dissipated life, and that Prussia will descend into chaos after the King's death because too much depends on him; she praises Prince Frederick [Duke of York]'s diligence and her husband's success in managing the country's economy.
Place Of WritingBrunswick
Extent1 document (3 pages)
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript paper; mounted
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