CollectionCorrespondence of Foreign Royal Families
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from Augusta, Duchess of Brunswick, to George III deploring Prussia's weakness towards France and the King's treatment of his wife, and reporting that she has been asked to help obtain the release of [Déodat de] Dolomieu.
WriterBrunswick, Augusta, Duchess of (1737-1813)
AddresseeGeorge III, King
DescriptionThe Duchess writes that Dolomieu's brother is coming to England to try to secure his release and has asked her to write a letter of recommendation; she states that he was formerly in the service of Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, whom she had once sent away with a flea in his ear when he asked her help in seeking the hand of one of George III's daughters.
[The letter is undated, but was probably written soon after the capture of the French geologist Dolomieu in March 1799.]
Extent1 document (3 pages)
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript paper; mounted
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