CollectionCorrespondence of Foreign Royal Families
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from Augusta, Dowager Duchess of Brunswick, to George III on the death of her husband, her distress and the ruinous state of her finances.
Date15 November 1806
WriterBrunswick, Augusta, Dowager Duchess of (1737-1813)
AddresseeGeorge III, King
DescriptionThe Duchess writes that she was taken away from her husband at Altona, where he died, because of the danger she was in from the French; she describes her anguish at leaving the Duke in the hands of the untrustworthy Montjoye Frochberg; she and her sons are being kindly treated by the Danish royal family, but her money is in Brunswick in the hands of the French.
Place Of WritingAugustenburg
Extent1 document (2 pages)
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript paper; mounted
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