CollectionCorrespondence of Foreign Royal Families
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from Augusta, Hereditary Princess of Brunswick, to George III about his invitation to her and her husband to visit him in the summer.
Date16 January 1764-26 March 1780
WriterAugusta, Hereditary Princess of Brunswick (1737-1813)
AddresseeGeorge III, King
Description[The letter is undated but must have been written between the Princess's marriage and the accession of her husband to the Dukedom in 1780.] She writes that she and her husband would be very happy to come, but that the King needs to send a very pressing invitation that she can show to her father-in-law, of whom her husband is afraid.
Extent1 document (2 pages)
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript paper; mounted
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