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TitleMenu book for the Coronation Banquet of George IV, 19 July 1821 in Westminster Palace; Bills of Fare for Dublin Castle and at the Phoenix Lodge on his visit to Ireland, August 1821
Date19 July 1821 - 29 August 1822
DescriptionThe first part of the volume is dedicated to the banquet for the coronation of George IV. It includes drawings showing the guests seating plan, the arrangement of food on the table with the lists of the dishes served; a final account of the provisions needed for the banquet including those for the servants' dinner.

The second part of the volume contains bills of fare for Dublin and Edinburgh during the visit of George IV following his coronation. Details are provided for: the meals served daily at Dublin Castle, notably to Lords and Grooms of the Chambers, Equerries, the Board of Green Cloth and other members of the Household, with specification of when meals were served in St Patrick's Hall; accounts of dinners served to the King and members of his Household at the Phoenix Lodge; dinners served to the King, Lords and Equerries in Edinburgh (Dalkeith Palace and Waterloo Hotel).

f. 122 is a detached document with provisions for Dalkeith Palace [Edinburgh].
NotesInserted in the volume is a telegram dated 3 July 1875 written by Sir John [Clayton] Cowell [Master] in Windsor to Edward Mash Browell [Secretary to the Board] in Buckingham Palace, asking to send the present menu book which has been deposited at the board by Mr Cullen [Sir William Cullen, Clerk Comptroller of the Kitchen].
Extent1 volume (122 folios), 2 documents
Physical DescriptionVellum binding
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CreditCrown Copyright
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