CollectionGeorge III Calendar
ReferenceGEO/MAIN/1713-1933, 2565
TitleGeorge III Calendar papers for 1774
Date10 January 1774-20 December 1774
DescriptionThese documents have been listed only and their contents not catalogued in detail but they are thought to contain reference to: reprimanding of a printer who printed offensive material, the Massachussetts Port Bill, Tea Duty, Quakers in America, the start of the American Revolution, noblemen's debts handled by the Crown, resignations and changes within government, relations with the Netherlands and France, etc.
Extent225 documents
ArrangementThese records were arranged chronologically, or where appropriate, with enclosed material
PublicationsMajority of documents published in J. Fortescue (ed.) "Correspondence of King George III 1760-1783" Vol. 3 (London, 1927-1928)
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