CollectionGeorge III Calendar
ReferenceGEO/MAIN/3684-3712, 3714-4057
TitleGeorge III Calendar papers for 1780
Date2 January 1780- 29 December 1780
DescriptionThese documents have been listed only and their contents not catalogued in detail but they are thought to contain reference to: the Gordon riots and thir aftermath (e.g whether citizens should be allowed to bear arms, and how to treat those who have been prosecuted), Charles Fox and the Fox-North coalition, Anglo-French and Franco-American relations, the taking of Jersey by the French, poor relations with both America and Ireland, records of islands in the Indian Ocean such as Mauritius and Madagascar
Extent367 documents
ArrangementThese records were arranged chronologically, or where appropriate, with enclosed material
PublicationsSelected correspondence has been published in J. Fortescue (ed.) "Correspondence of King George III 1760-1783" Vol. 5 (London, 1927-28)
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