CollectionGeorge IV Bills
Record TypeFinancial records
TitleGeorge IV's Privy Purse Accounts for legal expenses; with deeds
DateFebruary 1789-20 January 1798
DescriptionGEO/MAIN/31085: Joint Bonds granted by George, Prince of Wales, Frederick, Duke of York and William, Duke of Clarence, [n.d.], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31086-31087: Letter from William Kerr to General Lake, 17 May 1790, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31088: Letter from William Newman and Thomas Baker to George, Prince of Wales, Meaddowcroft, 2 June 1790, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31089: Letter from Charles Bicknell to Henry Lyte, Chancery Lane, 8 June 1790, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31090-31097: Bill from Charles Bicknell to George, Prince of Wales, 28 May 1790 - 20 January 1798, 7 documents.
GEO/MAIN/31098-31098A: Bill from Charles Bicknell; with receipt, December 1790 - February 1791, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31099-31104: Bill between Maria Fitzherbert and Thomas Lowlen, February 1789 - January 1790, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31105-31107: Bill from C. R. Hinrich; with receipt, 7 May - 3 November 1791, 3 documents.
GEO/MAIN/31108: Letter from J. Booth to Charles Bicknell, 5 November 1791, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31109-31111: Letters from Messrs Walford and Meyrick to Charles Bicknell, Red Lion Square, 17 November 1791-1 February 1792, 3 documents.
Extent20 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers
Document Image


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