CollectionGeorge IV Bills
Record TypeFinancial records
TitleGeorge IV's Privy Purse Accounts for legal expenses; with deeds
DescriptionGEO/MAIN/31112-31112A: Bill from Lukin and Co.; with receipt, 20 February 1792, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31113-31114: Memorandum from [Charles ?] (name of writer has been scratched out) outlining raising a sum for George, Prince of Wales by Tontine or Annuity, 23 July 1792, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31115-31116: Arrears of Salaries, 1792 - 1795, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31117 Letter from J. M. Fox to Colonel Samuel Hulse, 22 January 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31118-31119: Bill from Charles Bicknell in the matter of A. M. C., 16 January 1792 - 14 January 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31120: Summons from John and Thomas Burton to George, Prince of Wales to answer Lawrence Partridge, 26 April 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31121: Letter from Charles Bicknell to [?], Norfolk Street, 16 May 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31122-31123: Authorisation for Charles Bicknell to represent George, Prince of Wales against Francis Charles Philips in a plea of debt; with Release, 25 May 1793, 2 documents.
GEO/MAIN/31124: Note from George, Prince of Wales to Miller Sothers, 14 September 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31125: Release of Thomas Carter, 14 September 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31126: Order for payment of Thomas Carter from George, Prince of Wales to Thomas Coutts, Samuel Hulse and John Willett Payne, Carleton [Carlton] House; with receipts, 14 September 1793 - 30 March 1795, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31127: Declaration of attorneys in the Plea of Debt between George, Prince of Wales and Francis Charles Philips, 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31128-31131: Bills and letter from William Sleigh, Whitehall, 1789 - 1793, 3 documents.
GEO/MAIN/31132-31132A: Bill from Henry Seymour Conway; with receipt, May 1792 - January 1793, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31133-31169: Legal expenses from Charles Bicknell, February 1790 - November 1793, 3 documents.
Extent20 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers
Document Image


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