CollectionGeorge IV Bills
Record TypeFinancial records
TitleGeorge IV's Privy Purse Accounts for legal expenses; with deeds
Date1798-22 April 1806
DescriptionGEO/MAIN/31206: Deed of sale between Thomas Tyrwhitt and Thomas Hammersley, 28 July 1798-2 July 1803, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31207-31208: Deed of sale between Thomas Tyrwhitt and Henry Holland, 7 February 1798, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31209: Legal expenses due to Charles Bicknell, 1798-1799, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31210: Bill from Messrs Master and Co. to Charles Bicknell, 26 April 1800, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31211-31221: Bill from Charles Bicknell for legal expenses; with receipts, 5 April 1800-25 July 1803, 5 documents.
GEO/MAIN/31222-31223: Bill from Mark Batt; with receipt, 1790-1804, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31224: Letter from Thomas Tyrwhitt to T. Grylls, Welbeck Street, March 1798-March 1799, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31225: Letter from Mark Batt to Thomas Tyrwhitt, Chudleigh, 19 November 1802, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31226: Letter from T. Grylls to Robert Gray, 4 June 1803, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31227: Letter from Mark Batt to George, Prince of Wales, Chudleigh, 24 July 1804, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31228-31229: Bill from Charles Bicknell and Mr Spedding for legal expenses, January-July 1804, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31230-31236: Bill and expenditure for the Liskeard Right of Election Petition and others, 25 February-16 May 1804, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31237-31251: Bill from Charles Bicknell; with receipts, 14 November 1802-22 April 1806, 2 documents.
GEO/MAIN/31252-31255: Deed of sale between Edward Gray Saunders, Richard Monkhouse and Daniel Rowland, 9 November 1805, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/31256-31257: Bill from N. Morel; with receipt, 9 July 1803-26 January 1805, 1 document.
Extent21 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers
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