CollectionGeorge IV bills
Record TypeFinancial records
TitleGeorge IV's Privy Purse accounts for debts etc.
Date22 December 1789-[c.1793]
DescriptionGEO/MAIN/32016: Copy of an order from George, Prince of Wales to Arthur Robinson, Carleton [Carlton] House, 22 December 1789, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32017-32018: Letter from Lord Southampton to George, Prince of Wales, Carlton House, 23 May 1791, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32019: Letter from Lord Southampton to George, Prince of Wales, 26 May 1791, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32020: Estimate of work at Carlton House, [c.1791], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32021: Memorandum relating to George, Prince of Wales' establishment, [c.1791], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32022-32033: Copy minutes of the Committee on Carlton House Accounts, 6 June 1791, 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32034-32035: Statement of unbonded debts, [c.1791], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32036-32037: Statement of George, Prince of Wales' servants and their wages, [c.1791], 1 document.
GEO/MAIN/32038-32042: Accounts of bonded, etc., debts, 10 April 1793, 2 documents.
GEO/MAIN/32043-32046: Heads of a plan for the arrangements of George, Prince of Wales' affairs, [c.1791-1793], 1 document.
Extent11 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript papers
Document Image


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