CollectionGeorge IV Calendar as Prince, Regent and King
ReferenceGEO/MAIN/18290-18291, 19026, 19036-19111, 19114-19341, 19344-20307, 20309-20346, 21526-21527, 21582-21283
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleGeorge, Prince Regent, Calendar papers for 1812
DescriptionThese documents have been listed only and their contents not catalogued in detail but they are thought to contain: report regarding George III's health; the end of the restricted Regency; the reconstruction of the Drury Lane Theatre; Napoleonic Wars; the Catholic question; affairs in Ireland; Lord Wellesley's resignation as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; reports of libel in the British Press; diplomatic reports; finances; matters regarding Caroline, Princess of Wales, including the 'delicate investigation'; the establishment of Princess Charlotte of Wales' household at Windsor; details of Lord Moira taking the governorship of India; information regarding the East India Company; the war of 1812; artwork commissions; the assassination of the Prime Minster Spencer Perceval; and the formation of a new administration under Lord Liverpool.
Extent1 volume, 821 documents
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