CollectionNathaniel Kent
Record TypeCorrespondence
Writings (documents)
Financial records
TitlePapers of Nathaniel Kent
Date9 May 1792-31 March 1799
DescriptionGEO/ADD/15/376: Stock in Windsor Great Park., May 1792
GEO/ADD/15/377: Value of Stock etc., Michaelmas 1792
GEO/ADD/15/378: Present State of Windsor Farm Account, October 1792
GEO/ADD/15/379: Windsor Great Park, State of the Proposed Expenditure from Christmas 1792
GEO/ADD/15/380: Sketch for Cart House and Granary to be erected at Flemish Farm
GEO/ADD/15/381: Account of work done by the Great, in Windsor Great Park and Farm in April 1793
GEO/ADD/15/382: Account of Day Work in Windsor Great Park and Farms in April 1793
GEO/ADD/15/383: Comparative statement of Expenditure of Corn between Michaelmas 1792 and Michaelmas 1792
GEO/ADD/15/384: Memorandum on the prices of feeding stuffs, 17 October 1793
GEO/ADD/15/385: Memorandum on oil cakes, 1794
GEO/ADD/15/386: Wood account at Shrubs Hill, July 1794
GEO/ADD/15/387: Nathaniel Kent to George III - 'Propositions', 16 October 1794
GEO/ADD/15/388: General W. Harcourt. Investigation into charges against Gilkes and Leader , 10 February 1796
GEO/ADD/15/389: Memorandum by George III on the feeding of oxen, 1 January 1797
GEO/ADD/15/390: Nathaniel Kent memorandum of improvement of arable land at Cranborne Park, 1 January 1797
GEO/ADD/15/391: George III memorandum on improvement of arable land in Flemish Farm, 5 January 1797
GEO/ADD/15/392: Estimate of Expense of Ox-Mill at Norfolk Farm,
GEO/ADD/15/393: Rough list or inventory of the implements of husbandry upon the Park and Farm, 5 October 1797
GEO/ADD/15/394: Estimate of the expense of building Cam's Cottage and the Ox-Mill's Chaff House [Copy of GEO/ADD/15/392]
GEO/ADD/15/395: List of persons employed in Windsor Great Park and Farms, March 1799
Extent20 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript documents; mounted
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