CollectionNathaniel Kent
Record TypeCorrespondence
Writings (documents)
Financial records
TitlePapers of Nathaniel Kent
Date29 September 1798-12 January 1801
DescriptionGEO/ADD/15/396: R. Snart, John Rigdale - Draining Account, September 1798 - May 1799
GEO/ADD/15/397: An Account of Transport etc.
GEO/ADD/15/398: Swine on Farms, June 1798- June 1799
GEO/ADD/15/399: Course of Cropping on Norfolk Farm, October 1799
GEO/ADD/15/400: Stock in Windsor Great Park, December 1799
GEO/ADD/15/401: Nathanial Kent to George III [Memorandum]
GEO/ADD/15/402: List of persons employed in Windsor Great Park and Farms, January 1800
GEO/ADD/15/403: Francis Bazlington - Memorandum of Sale for R. Snart
GEO/ADD/15/404: J Rigdale - Draining Account, October 1799 - 10 May 1800
GEO/ADD/15/405: "Memorandums about Swine"
GEO/ADD/15/406: John Ebsworth to R. Snart concerning the sale of sheep
GEO/ADD/15/407: Cattle found in Park, 12 September 1800
GEO/ADD/15/408: Copy of Journal sent to George III, 30 July - 13 September 1800
GEO/ADD/15/409: Shrubbs Hill Farm. Account, Michaelmas 1799 - Michaelmas 1800
GEO/ADD/15/410: Treasury Payments, Michaelmas 1799 - Michaelmas 1800
GEO/ADD/15/411: Revision of value of Stock and Crop in Park and Farms, October 1800
GEO/ADD/15/412: J. Frost. Return of Stock Flemish Farm, December 1801
GEO/ADD/15/413: Comparative valuation, Corn & Hay Cross, Windsor Great Park and Farms, 1799 -1800.
GEO/ADD/15/414: Account for malt dust
GEO/ADD/15/415: Admeasurement of Barwell's Leasowe. 12 January 1801
Extent20 documents
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript documents; mounted
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