CollectionLady Augusta Murray
Record TypeWritings (documents)
TitleLady Augusta Murray's Book of Cures
Datec. 1794 -1812
DescriptionVolume is parchment bound with ink annotation 'Receipt Book', possibly a drawing of a bird, and other pen markings. Front and back inner boards contain notes on equivalent measures.

Book of cures containing cures for ailments, listing ingredients and measures to be used. Notes on the treatment and first aid for a variety of ailments and conditions for grown people, children and babies. Conditions include coughs, colds, gravel [kidney stones], palsy, nerves, numbness, dropsy, pregnancy, falls, drowning, burns, bruises, cuts, rheumatism, inflammation, worms, piles, gout, corns, fever, whooping cough, stings, scalding, diets, throat pain, jaundice, bile, pleurisy, earache, toothache, purging, convulsions, croup, sickness, urinary conditions, spasms in the womb, sores, dysentery, nervous debility, deafness, joints. Occasional inscriptions list doctors and their addresses the prescription ingredients supplied, notes of others supplying recipes, or for whom the recipe was prepared, often her children. F35v contains instructions on making a philosophical tree and a stone that will produce fire when whetted.

There are also some recipes for food preparation, including meats, sauces, yeast, preserves, ramekins, punch, desserts, breakfasts, a bread recipe "for the Poor", vegetables. These are mostly written towards the back of the book written as if the book were to be read back-to-front.
Ff1r-2v: contains a contemporary index to pages in the book, indexed by name of condition.

The extracted loose folios are as follows :
1a) bookmark
1b) bookmark
2b) Joint oil recipe
4a) bookmark
7a) prescription issued by Sir H Halford to the Duchess of Sussex
11a) blotting paper
46a) ?prescription issued to the Duchess of Sussex
47a) recipe for a mixture of marshmallow root, sugar, gin, wild carrot root seed, black cherry jam
48a) blotting paper
54a) prescription issued to the Prince Augustus on 12 April 1799
54b) a recipe for a tisane for urination, a mixture for haemorrhoids, a bitter wine recipe, a treatment for maladies of the urinary tract, and a calming mixture (French)
54c) prescription issued to Prince Augustus of Sussex by Sir H(?enry Halford) on 7 March 1805
54d) prescription issued to the Duchess of Sussex by H(?enry Halford)
54e) an Irish recipe
54f) prescription for a draught issued the Princess Augusta on February 28 1814
54g) prescription issued to the Prince Augustus of Sussex by Sir H on March 7 1805
54h) recipe (French)
54i) prescription issued to the Princess Augusta on 28 February 1814, for inflammation in the windpipe, cause of my girls' cough
54j) prescription issued to the Duchess of Sussex, June 1 1806, labelled "Dr Bayley's purging draught"
54k) envelope addressed to the Duchess of Sussex
54l) prescription issued to the Princess Augusta of Sussex
55a) incomplete verse
57a) prescription issued to the Prince Augustus on Feb 28 1814, labelled "Prince Augustus's pills for flatulency"
72a) recipe for a mixture, labelled "Mr Vince"
73a) prescription issued 17 August 1806 (Latin)
73b) copy of a prescription (f1r is an embellished translation of 73a) , f2r issued for Miss Thorpe ( embellished translation of 73c)
73c) prescription issued to Miss Thorpe, Aug 17 1806 (Latin)
73d) ?transcription of prescriptions issued by Dr ?Thoreley
79a) pot pourri recipe
84a) prescription issued by Dr Grey to Duchess of Sussex, 7 Dec 1808
84b) prescription issued to Duchess of Sussex by DP on 2 February 1806
87a) prescription issued 6 July 1799 by WR for chalybeate pills
90a) blank piece of paper
94a) fragment of prose or poetry
97a ) prescription/recipe
99a) prescription/recipe
99b) prescription/recipe
112a) prescription issued to the Duchess of Sussex by WR on 23 February 1806
118a) prescription for bills by Dr Brandener'? Mary 16 1803
Extent1 volume, 39 documents (1 file)
Physical Description1 volume, covered in parchment, with 39 loose inserts
ArrangementSeveral loose inserts were found in the book and placed in separate sleeves in the folder. Their numbering refers to their page number, appended by a, b, c¸ etc.
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