CollectionPapers of 1st Viscount Sidmouth
Record TypeCorrespondence
Title'Autograph letters relative to the death of the Princess Charlotte and Queen Charlotte' received by 1st Viscount Sidmouth
Date10 November 1817 - 11 December 1817
DescriptionGEO/ADD/48/1: Lord Anglesey (County of Anglesey) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/2: William R.K. Douglas (Magistrate of Dumfries) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/3: Bishop of Exeter (Dean and Chapter of Exeter) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/4: Reverend Jonathan Williams (Inhabitants of Plymouth Dock) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/5: Minutes of meeting of Dudley Town Council
GEO/ADD/48/6: Quintin Leitch (Council of Greenock) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/7: John Entwistle (Inhabitants of Rochdale) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/8: Lord Eglinton (Provost and Magistrates of Irvine) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/9: T.S. Withington (Boroughreeves and Constables of Manchester) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/10: Daniel Williams (Magistrate of Liberty of Tower of London) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/11: T.S. Withington to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/12: James Inglis (Guildry of Cupar) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/13: T.S. Withington to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/14: Minutes of meeting of Bolton Town Council
GEO/ADD/48/15: J. Hathorn (Landholders of County of Wigton) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/16: Edward Littleton (Inhabitants of Wolverhampton) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/17: Reverend George Dickson (Presbytery of Lanark) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/18: Thomas Sowdon (Inhabitants of Reading) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/19: Robert King (Town Council of Renfrew) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/20: Sir John C. Heathcote (Inhabitants of Staffordshire Potteries) to Lord Sidmouth
Extent20 documents
Physical DescriptionManuscript documents; mounted in volume
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