CollectionPapers of 1st Viscount Sidmouth
Record TypeCorrespondence
Title'Autograph letters relative to the death of the Princess Charlotte and Queen Charlotte' received by 1st Viscount Sidmouth
Date7 - 28 December 1818
DescriptionGEO/ADD/48/41: David Ricardo (County of Gloucester) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/42: John Gordon (Borough of New Galloway) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/43: David Morison (Town Council of Perth) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/44: Thomas Wright (Town Council of Stirling) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/45: Charles Constable (Borough of Berwick on Tweed) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/46: Samuel Stone (Inhabitants of Macclesfield) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/47: Earl of Orford (Corporation of King's Lynn) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/48: Mr Strethill-Wright (Inhabitants of Chester) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/49: Lord Holland (Corporation of Nottingham) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/50: Duke of Rutland (Corporation of Nottingham) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/51: William Forbes (Merchant Company of Edinburgh to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/52: Marquess of Northampton (County of Northampton) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/53: David Guthry (Magistrates and Council of Brechin) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/54: Dean of Bristol (Clergy of Bristol) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/55: Duke of Montrose (University of Glasgow) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/56: William R.K. Douglas (Town Council of Dumfries) to Lord Sidmouth
GEO/ADD/48/57: Duke of Montrose (COunty of Dumbarton) to Lord Sidmouth
Extent17 documents
Physical DescriptionManuscript documents; mounted in volume
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