CollectionCorrespondence of William IV
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from the Duke of Clarence to the Emperor of Austria
Date18 May 1814
WriterClarence and St Andrews, William, Duke of
AddresseeFrancis II, Emperor of Austria
DescriptionThe Duke is commanded by the Prince Regent to proceed with a Fleet to Boulogne Road in order to bring the King of Prussia [Frederick William III], the Emperor of Russia and the Emperor of Austria, from the coast of France over to England. Given the favourable weather conditions the Duke will be able to reach the French coast with HMS Ships and Vessels before dark on that evening. HMY Royal Charlotte has been sent specifically to carry the Emperor of Austria to the Dover Pier: the Emperor, though, should decide whether he prefers to wait on the coast of France or to spend some time aboard the Impregnable (of which the Duke is Captain) until the time comes for the Royal Charlotte to run him into Dover Pier.
This letter is brought to the Emperor by William FitzRoy, Groom of Chamber to the Duke, who is in charge of carrying the Emperor's answer back to the Duke.
Place Of Writingaboard HMS Impregnable in the Downs
Extent1 document (3 pages)
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript paper; mounted
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