CollectionCorrespondence of William IV
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleLetter from Prince William to George, Prince of Wales
Date10 February 1786
WriterWilliam, Prince (1765-1837)
AddresseeGeorge, Prince of Wales (1762-1830)
DescriptionPrince William tells about the events occurred since he left Martin's [Henry Martin, Commissioner of Portsmouth Dockyard] house [in Portsmouth]: severe gales forced him to stop in Guernsey roads where he dined with the Governor [Lord Amherst] and other men - they all drank a lot; he is now in Plymouth getting ready to sail for America, but still does not know if he will be promoted once there. He is unsure about his future and plans to give his resignation to Lord Howe [Earl Richard Howe, Admiral of the Fleet] if he does not grant a promotion.
In a long post-scriptum note Prince William expresses his unhappiness: his hopes for a promotion are frustrated; he was forced to leave the woman he adored [Sarah/Sally Martin, daughter of Henry]; the King will not let him live with his favourite brother [George]; the King has favoured Frederick [Duke of York and Albany] more; in short, Prince William feels very miserable for his young age.
This letter has no formal beginning, and a sheet may be missing
Extent1 document (1 page)
Physical DescriptionLoose manuscript paper; mounted
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PublicationsPublished in "The Correspondence of George Prince of Wales, 1770-1789", I, ed. Aspinall, pp. 219-220.
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