CollectionAsian State Letters
Record TypeCorrespondence
TitleTwo edicts from Emperor Ch'ien-Lung [Qianlong] of China to George III, and two lists of gifts.
Date[?October 1793]
WriterCh'ien Long [Qianlong], Emperor of China
AddresseeGeorge III, King
DescriptionGEO/ADD/31/21a: first Edict from the Emperor to George III.
GEO/ADD/31/21b: second Edict from the Emperor to George III.
GEO/ADD/31/21c: list of gifts to various individuals (e.g. to the British Ambassador and those involved in the Macartney Mission), consisting of satin, cloth, tea and other items.
GEO/ADD/31/21d: list of gifts to George III, consisting of various vessels of jade, porcelain and lacquer, etc., satin, tea, fans and other items.

[The Edicts are in three languages; the gift lists in two languages The first Edict was drafted on 3 August 1793.]
LanguageMandarin Chinese
Extent4 rolls and 1 framed document
Physical DescriptionLarge manuscripts on orange gold-flecked paper and 1 rolling rod
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PublicationsSee 'The Lion & the Dragon' by Aubrey Singer for translations of the two Edicts.
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