CollectionGeorge III Calendar
ReferenceGEO/MAIN/1- 11494, 11496--11529, 11532-11563, 11568-11591, 11593-15162
TitleGeorge III Calendar
Date1729 - 31/12/1811
DescriptionCorrespondence and official papers of George III with British and Hanoverian Ministers and government officials
Extent39 boxes
Admin HistoryBorn 1738, the eldest son of Frederick, Prince of Wales and his wife Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, George assumed the title of Prince of Wales following the early death of his father in 1751; like his father, the young prince had no official role as Prince of Wales. Acceding to the throne on 25 October 1760, George III was crowned on 22 September the following year along with his new bride, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The new king took an active role in government, taking his responsibilities as monarch seriously. One of Britain's longest reigning monarchs, George III reigned until his death in 1820 although the onset of his final illness in 1811 incapacited him to such an extent that a regency lead by his eldest son, George, was in effect from this time onwards.
ArrangementThese records were at a previous stage arranged chronologically. Further chronological arrangement has been undertaken during cataloguing as some documents have been found to have been incorrectly dated and sequenced. Documents which cannot be precisely dated have been put at the end of the series or subseries, as far as possible.

Documents in GEO/MAIN/1-1397 (Pre-accession to September 1772) have been catalogued to item level with descriptive detail
Documents in GEO/MAIN/1398-5282 (October 1772 to March 1783) have been catalogued to item level with basic detail
Documents in GEO/MAIN/5283 onwards (March 1783 onwards) have been catalogued at file level by month (note that some details relating to place of writing, date of document, record type and publication have not been included in this level of cataloguing)
PublicationsSelected correspondence in this collection has been published in the volumes of "Correspondence of George III" and "The Later Correspondence of George III" edited by J. Fortescue and A. Aspinall
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